About Us

Our team is proud to offer eco-conscious, specialty fabrics and high quality products that are hard to come by. We value the authentic relationships we have built with customers. The return customer rate reaffirms that our values are woven into the company. Our creative yet decerning staff are innately dedicated to personal and professional growth. If you have been with us long, you have witnessed us blossom through the power of creativity and collaboration. 

"I was unaware that running a business was what I was meant to do. The Marine Corps showed me how to take ownership, the power of teamwork and to take on challenges with gusto. That, coupled with my creative spirit lead me here. I am proud the shop culture is described as mindful and empowering.”   -Talia


Key Personnel

Deb is a grandmother of ten who enjoys reading and gardening. She has been with Fabric Funhouse since 2019 and today Deb oversees Operations. Her willingness to learn, embrace change, and ability to set goals has been imperative to Fabric Funhouse’s success.    

Mikayla is a busy mother of two. She has been with Fabric Funhouse since 2019, when her first was only 4 months old. Her second joined Fabric Funhouse for his first 6 months on infancy, allowing Mikayla to share her skillset with us and maximize her time with her baby. Mikayla is currently focusing on elevating the customer experience.