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Aluminum Acetate

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    1 - 55g jar of Aluminum Acetate

    55g of Aluminum Acetate will mordant approximately 500 grams (1.1 pounds) of fiber to a dark shade

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    Aluminum acetate is a purified mordant powder that creates bright colors on plant fibers. It is an alternative mordant to traditional tannin mordants. In addition, it is our preferred mordant for plant fibers. Mordanting is an important step in natural dyeing as it helps improve light- and wash-fastness. Its purpose is to provide a bond between the fiber and the dye molecule. Without a mordant bond, natural dye colors will fade, change color and wash out. This is not so desirable after all the hard work of natural dyeing!

    Please note that Aluminum acetate is very powdery and smells like acetic acid, so a dust mask, or respirator and good ventilation is recommended when using it to avoid irritation. It is astringent and may dry hands, so wear gloves to protect skin.