Wholesale & Bulk Information

Tax Exempt Accounts:

  • Texas Makers: If your business can provide a Business Number/License information and a Tax ID/ABN# number, you can qualify to make tax exempt purchases. 

    Email info@fabricfunhouse.com for more information

Wholesale/Bulk Pricing:

  • Wholesale is something we will be initiating Summer of 2019
  • Currently, in order to allow all our makers the ability to order cork in as many types, sizes, colors, and designs as they can possibly imagine, Fabric Funhouse decided to offer the following codes based solely on amount spent.
  • VIP50 - $50 off your purchase of $400 or more
  • VIP15 - 15% off your purchase of $850 or more
  • VIP20 - 20% off your purchase of $1200 or more