Cutch Dye Extract

SOURCE: True cutch, also called black cutch and catechu, is a gum resin extracted from freshly felled Acacia catechu trees. Acadia catechu trees are native to Asia.

Cutch was used to dye calico in India for centuries in the Mughal and pre-Mughal period. It is so important that Kutch, a district of Gujarat in India, was named after the dye.

Cutch dye creates the color khak (or khaki), an Indian word for dust, earth, and ashes. Cutch was used to dye military uniforms because it provides a natural camouflage color.Β 

Fun Facts:

  • In Ayurvedic medicine, cutch is used as an astringent because of its heavy concentration of vegetable tannins.Β 
  • Cutch is commonly used as a spice, for example, it is used in France and Italy in licorice pastilles.Β 
  • Cutch is also an important ingredient in South Asian cooking paan mixtures, such as gutka.