About Us

Located in Texas, Fabric Funhouse is the USA's premiere supplier of cork fabric, straps, and piping. We are dedicated to making cork products accessible to makers and designers both big and small, by offering the largest color selection and shipping daily throughout the US, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.


What started as a love for all things fabric and relationship building with customers came this funhouse of cork supplies.  Knowing very little about cork except for its undeniable beauty, I began to research and discovered all of its amazing natural qualities.  It's not only animal friendly, it's easy on the environment and actually plays a part in reducing greenhouse gases.  As the demand for cork decreased farmers began to remove these amazing cork trees to plant citrus trees.  Cork oak forests only cover 3.3 million acres on the planet and require a specialized climate.  Luckily, the cork demand has risen and we are finding new ways of using this natural, sustainable resource.  Selling, using, and buying cork products saves these trees, rewarding both the planet AND your creativity!  But, what I personally enjoy most is simply being part of your creative process.