Fabric Funhouse Waxed Canvas in color Wistful Mauve
Fabric Funhouse Waxed Canvas in color Wistful Mauve, left side shows fabric smooth and right sized shows the appearance of creases once used
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Waxed Canvas - Wistful Mauve

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Waxed Canvas is sold by the yard. Fabric width is 60". Multiple yards will be cut continuously.

Best Thread Matches: Wisteria

11.5 oz tightly woven 100% cotton canvas impregnated with high-performance C4X wax.

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Dirt repellent, water resistant, wind resistant, breathable, scuff resistant, odorless, and will not transfer. Imported from Scotland. 

When you first receive your waxed canvas, you many notice some discoloration towards the edges...don't worry! This is mostly likely due to the wax not having cured all the way while rolled up and packaged for shipment from Scotland. The easiest way to speed up the curing process is to lay your canvas out flat in a warm, clean area overnight. In the morning, you should notice that the discoloration has disappeared.

Time to re-wax or want to wax your own gorgeous fabric? Order C4X wax here.

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