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Cork Fabric - Stripped Rose Gold **DISCONTINUED**

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This imported cork fabric is Vegan and Eco-Conscious.

Best Thread Matches: Beige

Please read what makes cork a unique sustainable natural resource and how it's an important part of of the ecosystem in here

Cork fabric is natural, durable, easily washable, and highly fashionable. Ideal for crafts, shoes, upholstery, bags, purses, etc. The material can be sewn or glued to other materials and surfaces, embroidered on, as well as laser cut. 

Not sure where to start? Check out our FAQs to see how we sew with cork!

Backing: 15.5% Cotton 29.5% PES 55% Polyurethane (Thin, very pliable and durable.)

Shipping and Packaging:

Because of the nature of this product it is rolled, sealed and packaged to protect. Each cork fabric order is shipped by weight, USPS, UPS, or FedEx depending on dimensions and weight. We offer a flat shipping cost to our customers of $6 within the contiguous U.S., and we cover the additional cost!

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